Our businesses can support us wholly.

Since discovering cyclical living in 2017, I have been inundated with cycles. We exist in a world with layers and layers of cycles, of birth and death, of growth and reflection, of ovulation and menstruation... they're everywhere.

And yet we've been taught to show up the same way everyday, to complete "these three tasks a day to be successful," to view rest and pleasure as laziness or rewards.

It's bullshit. We are the creators of life, the nurturers, the witches, the tempests. Our experience is unique to us and our perspective is so needed in the world.

Let's craft businesses that support our superpowers, yes?

choose your own adventure

We are all flowers, in our essence.

Each of us are designed to bloom in our own season, to flourish under different conditions and to contribute brightly to the garden of our community. 

As such, there's a need for unique offerings catered to each flower's path (you're the flower, if I've lost you).

In my one-on-one containers, our time is customized to your needs, your goals and your path. Whether you need constant support or seasonal check-ins, I have something for you.

how we can collaborate

the hearth

Step into the fire: Holding space for self-discovery to reconnect with curiosity and unbound joy + moving towards goals with intention while remaining open to possibilities we haven’t dreamed yet.

the fireside chat

No minimum commitment, this is designed for those seasonal & life shifts, business launches or brainstorming seasons, refocusing priorities and lifestyle habits. An accountability buddy who’s only a "phone call" away.

the changing seasons

A one-off session or quarterly check-in crafted for brainstorming, heartstorming, bouncing ideas off someone, grounding into your purpose or setting your intentions as you head into a new season.

& create magic together


As my full-spectrum coaching offering, the Hearth takes us into the fire together.

At its core, we're holding space to allow you to be surprised and delighted by who you may become.

This offering is for you if you're ready to explore the depths of your creativity, reconnect with your cyclical nature and rediscover the joy, curiosity and abundant mindset we all possess within us.

What's included:
- An in-depth discovery call where we clarify your intention, tune into your cyclical superpowers and lay the foundation for our time together.
- Two one-hour biweekly video calls with yours truly to connect face-to-face; this time & space is curated just for you.
- Voxer chat support for between our sessions, available weekdays.

A maximum six-month container, as there’s a need for space to go and create and forage and see what magic you find on your own, too.

The Hearth is the closest we can work together, and my heart is sincerely exploding with excitement + anticipation at the thought.

The investment for this full-spectrum approach is $350USD per month for a three or six month container. There's also the option to pay $950USD for three months upfront or $1950USD for six months upfront.

What's the first step? Let's book a call and meet.

let's connect

let's meet for a fireside chat

This flexible coaching container is month-to-month with weekday access to me via Voxer voice chat. Before the partnership begins, we'll meet for a 20-minute session to meet and set our intention of working together.

I'll check in + connect with you for accountability, guidance and gentle invitations to share. The investment is $175USD per month, or an additional $50USD per month for members of the Den mentoring group.

The Changing seasons, witnessed

Picture two friends on the couch chatting about life, but all the time and space and energy are directed at & intended for you. A one-off 90-minute session over zoom or quarterly 90-minute sessions timed with nature's seasonal shifts. Ultimately, our time together is guided by you and can be as freeform as you’d like.

The investment is $150USD as a one-off payment or $550USD to pre-book four sessions during the year.

how do we begin our journey together then?

Like our menstrual cycle, our creativity informs so many elements of our lives. When we can connect to both, the stars align and magic unfolds.

Let's build and then chase your wildest dreams. Tap the link below to complete a quick interest form and we can coordinate a meet-cute call.

let's work together

Referrals from folks who have worked with me before are the best way to get to know me and how I approach the work I do.

Whether they're from my first online course or previous coaching clients, their feedback and reviews mean the world to me. Wow.

Some sincerely heart-warming testimonials from my previous offerings and clients...

read them here

So let's book a call together! Just click the link below and I'll connect with some time options for our 15-minute meet-cute. ;)

We can discuss any hesitations + figure out the best option for you, you special flower.

book a call

want a group dynamic instead?

I want to foster a generation of fiery, grounded women in tune with their unique bodies.

Introducing: The Den. A collaborative group mentoring membership where we will explore our expansive nature, find more room for grounded pleasure, and lean into habits that will attract our unique versions of abundance.

This offering runs in seasonal 3-month containers and allows for mentoring in a group space, amongst likeminded folks.

So let's unleash ourselves and start a wee revolution.

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