Our small businesses can support us wholly.

Since discovering cyclical living in 2017, I have been inundated with cycles. We exist in a world with layers and layers of cycles, of birth and death, of growth and reflection, of ovulation and menstruation... they're everywhere.

And yet we've been taught to show up the same way everyday, to complete "these three tasks a day to be successful," to view rest and pleasure as laziness or rewards.

It's bullshit. We are the creators of life, the nurturers, the witches, the tempests. Our experience is unique to us and our perspective is so needed in the world.

Is this feeling like an immediate & full-bodied yes?! Then it may be time for YOU to work with this menstrual cycle coach.

As an entrepreneur, I reached out to Lauren for accountability and guidance in a season of my biz where I needed to refocus and reset. I was able to create more ease in my life and in my biz, by looking in places that I least expected. I was able to recognize blocks in myself that I wouldn't have noticed on my own. While working together, I launched a program, and with her support in both planning as well as throughout the launch via Voxer, I felt SO supported. If you're an online business owner, you know how stressful and all-consuming launches can be.

Lauren weaves aspects of astrology, human design and menstrual cycle awareness into her work, when you work with her you will leave knowing yourself better.

I signed up to work with Lauren because I know she can see the bigger picture, and she can see the gold in people. Working with Lauren felt like basking in a golden, warm, glow. 

Lauren is THE cheerleader you want in your corner. 

menstrual cycle coaching for you

As menstruators, we should be using our cycle to build our businesses sustainably without the burn out.

Since beginning Finding Julian in 2021 and becoming a certified menstrual cycle coach, I have coached creative entrepreneurs, fellow cycle coaches & small business owners in using their cycles as a foundation to expand their companies, establish boundaries around their down time and prioritize their own unique version of success (over the comparison game).

We need curated ideas, strategies and goals catered to each individual entrepreneur's path. In my one-on-one containers, our time is customized to your needs, your goals and your path.

Allow my decade of experience in supporting entrepreneurs through various business landscapes & milestones nourish you and yours.

using cyclical wisdom in


Claim the pen & write your own life: My signature coaching package created for self-discovery & curiosity where we clarify goals, craft the plan and make intentional moves from a place of rest & cyclical living.


No minimum commitment, this offering is designed for when you need an outside perspective to pull the strands of the plot together into a moment of clarity. A voice-note style container where we unravel it together.


A one-off session or quarterly check-in crafted for setting intentions or the theme of an incoming season. Settle into your purpose & refocus through heartstorming as you begin a new evolution in your business or life.

my 3 coaching offerings


As my full-spectrum coaching offering, Authoring places us in the role of creator.

We are the authors of our own lives with the ability to edit, rewrite, and begin anew whenever we choose. At the core of this menstrual cycle coaching container, I am holding space to allow you to be surprised & delighted by who you (& your business) may become.

This offering is for you if you're ready to explore the depths of your business, reconnect with your cyclical body and discover the joy, playfulness and abundant mindset we all possess within us.

What's included:
→ An in-depth discovery call where we clarify your intention, tune into your cyclical superpowers and lay the foundation for our time together.
→  Two one-hour biweekly video calls with yours truly to connect face-to-face; this time & space is curated just for you.
→  Voxer chat support for between our sessions, available weekdays.

A maximum six-month container, as there’s a need for space to go and create and forage and see what magic you find on your own, too.

as a projector in human design, i excel at seeing the bigger picture + guiding from a heart-centred, cyclical place.

There's the world we were promised versus the world we actually live in, so why are we still trying to fit in the box of how businesses should look?

Let's ditch the "shoulds" and build something that truly supports the life we want for ourselves. Authoring is the closest we can work together & I just know being around my energy will spark something new in you...

The investment for this full-spectrum approach is £375 per month for a three or six month container. There's also the option to pay £1,075 for three months upfront or £2,150 for six months upfront.

What's the first step? Register your interest by tapping the link below and I'll reach out with more details. 

add systems + support to your small business 

We hustle hard to find clients, earn income and build something with longevity... but when does the hustle stop? How can we incorporate systems that'll maintain what we've created without the long hours? How can we pause to enjoy what we've built?

set goals + outline the step-by-step action PLan

Let's remove all self-limiting beliefs and inner critic chatter around your goals, then tackle the daily plan of how to reach them without burning out. What cyclical habits will allow you to lean into the person you want to become? How can your business support you?

use a holistic approach

As menstruators, we cannot use the traditional business coaching tips the patriarchy has offered us. We aren't meant to work, produce and succeed in the same rhythm as our male counterparts. I have the tools and rituals you need for a sustainable business.

how can i help you step fully into your own power?

First, we will write your unique definition of success, and then we can...

tailored cycle coaching offerings

Whether you're brand new to menstrual cycle awareness or your business is already cyclical, there's something for you here.

Just like there's a flower for every season, my offerings can suit every stage of your small business & cyclical journey. While Authoring will ground you deeply into your own menstruality + creativity, my other coaching packages may feel more fertile.

I love getting my hands dirty and sinking into the depths of your creations, and yet sometimes a lighter hand suits. Perhaps you're launching a new course and need a cheerleader guiding you forward, or transitioning through a big life change and need a hand connecting to your body wisdom.

Let's explore what that helping hand (and a menstrual cycle coach in your corner) might look like to you.

let's meet in the denouement

This flexible coaching container is month-to-month with weekday access to me via Voxer voice chat. First, we'll meet for a 15-minute session to set our intention of working together. Then as our relationship evolves, you can check-in with me, share your insights + ask for feedback. I'll help you see things you might have missed and land in a place of clarity & confidence.

The investment is £140 per month, or an additional £35 per month for members of the Den mentoring group.

writing the epigraph

Imagine beginning a new season with clear goals, a deep connection with your intuition & confidence to pursue all of the above... with the knowledge that rest and pleasure will be your companions along the way.

A one-off 90-minute meeting over zoom or quarterly sessions. I will send you an in-depth questionnaire beforehand so we're very clear about how we'll use our time, plus you'll leave with an action plan for your business.

The investment is £225 as a one-off payment or £850 to pre-book four sessions for the year. This container is ideal for established entrepreneurs.

book a call

She’s a true ray of sunshine who will brighten your life & ignite a spark if you have the pleasure of working with her!

I began working with Lauren to deepen the relationship I have with my cycle and learn how to better run a business as a cyclic being. From the very first moment of our time together, I felt so comfortable and heard. Every session with Lauren was nourishment to the soul. 

Since working together, I’ve reconnected with my creativity, grown my business sustainably, and learned to own my power. My self-doubt and inner critic used to run rampant, but Lauren’s support has equipped me with a toolkit to navigate this challenge and change the narrative. 

Our time together has left me with so many gifts for not only my business, but also my personal life. I’m more attentive to my needs and self-care, and I’ve gained some invaluable practices that I continue to use. I’m so grateful for Lauren’s warmth, magic, and support. 

praise for my 1:1 menstrual cycle coaching

our journey begins

Like our menstrual cycle, our business and creativity informs so many elements of our lives. When we can consider our work from a holistic place, the stars align and magic unfolds.

Let's build and then chase your wildest dreams, without the burn out. Tap the link below to complete a quick interest form and we can coordinate a meet-cute call.

Referrals from folks who have worked with me before are the best way to get to know me and how I approach the work I do.

Whether they're from my first online course or previous coaching clients, their feedback and reviews mean the world to me. Wow.

Some sincerely heart-warming reviews & testimonials from my previous cycle coaching clients...

want a group dynamic instead?

A cyclical business avoids hustle culture & burn out.

I want to create fundamental change in the way menstruators operate their dream businesses. I want to foster a generation of fiery, grounded women in tune with their bodies & businesses. 

Introducing: The Den. A cyclical living & small business membership where we will explore our expansive nature through goal setting and strategic planning, find more room for pleasure & rest outside of our businesses, and lean into habits that will attract our unique versions of abundance & success.

So let's unleash ourselves and start a wee revolution.

learn more

So let's book a call! Just click the link below & I'll connect with some time options for our 15-minute meet-cute. 

We can discuss any hesitations and figure out the best option for you, you special flower.

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