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Here you can find a collection of heart-led courses & workshops around cyclical living, small business & creativity.

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The free 'How-to Chart Your Menstrual Cycle' Workshop

This free workshop I hosted in 2022 covers all the basics of menstrual cycle charting, including how to find your cycle day, the phases of the menstrual cycle, and how to chart (of course!)

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nourishing your menstrual eco-system

During this 20-minute masterclass, we cover everything we should have learned when we were teenagers (well, almost everything), including:

→ A brief overview of our hormonal rhythm,
→ What is a “normal” period?
→ Ovulation-friendly nutrition & sleep, and,
→ BONUS: Some ovulation hiccups.

This foundational information can help reduce PMS symptoms & period pain, and improve overall quality of life. It's the key to fuelling this generation of change-makers. So let's learn how!

Disclaimer: This workshop will NOT diagnose any medical issues you may uncover, but might empower you to speak with your GP.

- chelsea on creating magic: the cyclical living course

"I'm so deeply grateful for this life changing course, I cannot recommend it enough."

Creating magic: The cyclical living course

Creating Magic is a self-directed exploration of creativity & cyclical living for entrepreneurs.

This online course is delivered via weekly emails over the span of six weeks, plus an aesthetic & dynamic ebook. Each email contains a 20-minute audio lesson (think of a podcast episode), while the stunning ebook includes activities to deepen your cyclic practice & journal prompts to reflect on the content. 

There's also cute little PDF copies of the audio lessons if you prefer reading + highlighting.

Ready to invest in yourself? Let's get started.

purchase £125

tell me more, tell me more

the course pace

This course is delivered via email over six weeks, a pace that's both reasonable & delightful. That being said, it's completely self-paced. You choose your speed.

the self-discovery

The ebook is designed to add layers to your learning experience. Explore the activities + journal prompts to engage deeply with each phase of your menstrual cycle.

the investment

You can dive into all of this amazing cyclical content, expand through the activities & prompts, and reconnect with your physical body for only £125, tax included.


frustrated by your life...

Are you feeling disconnected from your purpose or your work? Confused why you're creative some days and listless the next?

ANnoyed by your loved ones...

One day they're your entire world and then all of sudden they're driving you mad? And now you're wondering, how do I cope?

tired of living in a patriarchal society...

Are you starting to realize that maybe your daily schedule wasn't built with your menstruating body in mind?

The results


LEARN HOW TO STRUCTURE the way you show up in the world WITHIN YOUR CYCLE.




break generational cycles.

When you are able to harness your cycle, there is limitless power in that!

I would absolutely recommend this course to any woman or person who bleeds who is looking for structure around their monthly cycle, or looking to connect with their bodies in both a practical and spiritual way.

By taking this course, I learned to acknowledge patterns that I could use in favour of planning around my business and life as a whole. So deeply grateful for this life changing course, can't recommend it enough.

chelsea nelson @heychelsstudio

Student reviews

nicole gagnon

There is so much more to the ebb & flow of our moods than I ever knew. 

Lauren guides us on ways to discover and analyze patterns in our own unique individual cycles. She is a great teacher and her positive energy is contagious in the best kind of way! 

Her Creating Magic: The Cyclical Living Course is truly wonderful.

olivia filgate @livfilgate

I’d recommend this course to anyone looking to understand their body more & get the most out of their cycle.

The course taught me how to ride the waves of productivity during my Spring/Summer cycle seasons and how to be empathetic with myself and rest during my Autumn/Winter cycle seasons.

Lauren is really amazing at what she does and I felt encouraged each step of the way!

This could be you....

carissa mccaig @copiousfashions

Even if you think you know how your cycle works, still take this course. 

I grew up with a single mom who was a nurse, so I thought I knew it all. Lauren really breaks it down as to what weeks are best for creativity, reflection, rest, even what weeks you will feel more like being photographed (essential if you are the face of your company!)

The biggest take away was definitely giving myself time to slow down and feel less guilty about it. It's like going through this course helped give me more permission to stop, rest, heal and get ready to start over again.

There is a great deal of relief having this new understanding of my menstrual cycle.

Through her course & tools, I gained a much greater understanding not only of who (and why) I am who I am, but also how to optimize my life within my cycle.

I no longer question why I feel a certain way at a certain time of the month, or beat myself up for not having the energy to do my to do list every day.

It’s also extremely empowering to have a handle on my peak performance days. I can recognize those high energy days (maximize the incredible super powers I have during them) and go easy on myself on the days I need more rest.

Changed my life. Five stars. Highly recommend.

emily arbour @cheerfullymade

creativity & cyclical living in one

Create a lasting, embodied  foundation for your business.

This cyclical living work is for every woman, menstruator and human being who wants to achieve more with a slower pace. A pace that includes rest, pleasure & joyful creativity.

We are not the Sun. We're not meant to wake up and show up the same exact way each morning. We are the Moon. We have a monthly cycle, and it's magic.

purchase £125

looking for cycle coaching?

Let's make some magic, my friend.

I offer one-on-one coaching for motivated women who are looking for the next step. With a foundation in cyclical living, I can help create a realistic plan and support you in achieving your goals.

We only have one life, so let's not settle for anything less than we deserve. Click the link below to book a complementary call with me to see if we'd be a good fit!

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