a cyclical approach to business

A note to the entrepreneurs who want to avoid burn out, rest more and find ease in their businesses...

I hear you and I want to create fundamental change in the way menstruators operate their dream businesses. I want to foster a generation of fiery, grounded women in tune with their bodies & businesses. 

After discovering cyclical living and healing the fractured relationship I had with my own body, I was able to grow in ways I never thought possible. I regained my voice, created healthier boundaries & relationships, and gained clarity on my values and goals. From this newly minted foundation, I expanded into the woman I always dreamed of becoming.

Now I want to help you to do the same.

Introducing: The Den. A cyclical living & small business membership where we will explore our expansive nature through goal setting and strategic planning, find more room for pleasure & rest outside of our businesses, and lean into habits that will attract our unique versions of abundance & success.

So let's unleash ourselves and start a wee revolution.

The magic of the den

Avoid the hustle culture, find a world of abundance instead.

If cyclical living has taught me anything, it's that rigidity and repetitiveness don't work best for folks with wombs.

Our hormones lead us down a unique rhythm that, if we can tune into it, can cause some serious magic. We need to release the expectation that we will show up the same each day and find grace and patience for ourselves in these fluctuations.

We need to find our own path in this world. One where rest comes first, pleasure and creativity abound, community thrives and guides us, and nature divinely nourishes us. Let's enter the Den together and craft our dream businesses and lifestyles. It's all connected, baby.


Danna Atkinson @mayarimenstrual

The Den is like finding a secret club of women from all over the world (which is super cool).

It's a club of women to just BE with, be your creative and vulnerable self with, and where you leave feeling filled up and inspired. You walk around after with a sly smile on your face because you have been buoyed by this magical presence with other women who are beautiful and inspiring, going after their own unique big dreams with their unique big hearts.

Lauren is like Tinkerbell, our creative soulful radiant facilitator spreading her fairy dust on us all!

evelyn kennedy

The Den was a magical, grounded container that I felt came at the perfect time for me.

A space to hold me accountable and allow me to explore my curiosities in a safe and playful way. Lauren and each of the Den's women held space for me in such a present and nurturing energy. Both through the circles and the Voxer chat I felt inspired, seen and held by the women sharing this space with me.

As someone who doesn't (yet) have a business, it was really lovely being around others who are at various stages of their self employment journey. Initially I thought maybe (pre-booking the Den) that the space wouldn't work for me because I didn't have a business to work on, but I found it really inspiring to witness others share where they were at and I'm sure the wisdom will filter into my own future creative endeavours.

Lauren brings an embodied, honest, joyful wisdom to this magical space that allowed us all to show up exactly as we are. 

Join the 

hali taft @halitaft

Lauren is the brightest ray of sunshine you will ever have the chance to work with!

Her offering, The Den, is a women in business container filled with creativity, support, and the best sustainability wisdom to prevent you from burnout (she's a Projector in Human Design, making her an expert in this realm). 

I was a part of The Den last season and had the coziest, most magical experiences because our girl knows how to set the mood and is a manifesting queen!

every month in the den includes...

a small business & lifestyle lecture

Exploring topics around cyclical living, manifestation & creating a more sustainable business we love. Each call will have a gorgeous lecture, journaling prompts + time to share our discoveries in our virtual circle.

a magical women's circle

A circle where we play with the themes from our lecture & plant them deep within us. This is the time to do the work, connect with our intuition and build trust with our inner compass.

a membership to a creative voxer group

Where our group chat thrives! Designed for sharing voice memos, but you can also pop in with text, pictures and videos. This space will keep us connected between calls to share celebrations, hurtles, and everything in between.

a bonus from me to you

As a member of the Den, you can add one-on-one Voxer mentoring with me for only £35 extra per month.

"If you want to get warm, you must stand near the fire; if you want to get wet, you must get into the water. If you want joy, power, peace, eternal life, you must get close to, or even into, the thing that has them."


— c.s. lewis

creating from a place of cyclical living

we are made of magic, you know.

Cyclical living and manifestation completely revolutionized my life and my business. How can they help you?

Rediscovering my connection with my body and understanding the language of my menstrual cycle has fundamentally shifted my perspective of the world around me. It's allowed my to tune into my inner voice, manifest with more clarity and accuracy, and find confidence in my path.

In this season of life, I'm claiming my space in this industry. I'm recognizing my gifts and creative talents, finding my own voice to share my knowledge, and nurture a space for others to do the same. 

The sky is the limit with this stuff. I don't doubt the Den will create some potent transformations and expansions. So let's play.

growing a business from

the commitment

When entering the Den there is a minimum three-month commitment, since magic & evolution takes time. From there, you can stay in the Den as long as you'd like!

the perks

You will have access to me and my brain throughout the month via Voxer, and will have the added bonus of learning through other folk's questions + explorations, too.

the investment

When entering the Den, you'll be set up on a subscription style payment plan to make your stay stress-free and seamless. Each month is £99 (or £285 for 3 months!)

a cyclical foundation

let's sink into some fiery, divine creativity

Like our menstrual cycle, our business & creativity naturally influences so many areas of our lives. When we can connect them and notice how we're uniquely synced with the world, the stars align and magic unfolds.

If you're intrigued and want to learn more, now's the time. 

join the waitlist

Referrals from folks who have worked with me before are the best way to get to know me and how I approach the work I do.

Whether they're from my first online course or previous coaching clients, their feedback and reviews mean the world to me. Wow.

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