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Finding Julian is a menstrual cycle & women's business coaching business built upon a holistic foundation. The founder, Lauren Olivia Hughes, believes women and menstruators can tune into the rhythm of their hormonal cycle, understand the language of cyclical living, and build sustainable businesses that support rest and pleasure outside of the existing patriarchal system. 

Founded in 2021, Finding Julian has launched a virtual cyclical living course for creatives, worked one-on-one with a number of small business owners and fellow cycle coaches, and crafted a group mentoring program for entrepreneurs and cyclical women. 

Lauren Olivia Hughes has a background in journalism, real estate, and supporting a variety of small businesses in roles such as copywriting, marketing, events and planning, wholesale and purchasing, goal setting and more. She was certified by Claire Baker's Cycle Coach School in 2021 and FEMM's Fertility Awareness Method Training for women and teens in 2022. As a 2/4 Self-Projected Projector in Human Design, she has a natural ability to think big picture, assist in goal setting and manifesting, and see streamlined solutions others might miss. Her holistic approach to coaching prioritizes her clients' full lifestyles, unique menstrual cycles, and scaling growth sustainably. 

Originally based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the business is now based in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Lauren lives with her Scottish husband, Hector, and ginger cat, Agnes.

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 → Founded in 2021
 → Created in Ottawa, Canada, now based in Edinburgh, Scotland
 → Women-founded & run by Lauren Olivia Hughes
 → Certified by Claire Baker's Cycle Coach School, recognized by the International Institute of Complementary Therapies
 → Certified by FEMM to teach women + teenagers the Fertility Awareness Method of birth control
 → Graduated from the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a degree in Journalism
 → Clients are all women-owned small businesses
 → Coaches entrepreneurs from a foundation of cyclical living
 → Lauren's ginger cat is named Agnes.


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