hey, I'm Lauren

I'm a certified menstrual cycle coach, fertility awareness method educator, creative business mentor, manifestation expert + projector in Human Design who believes women are incredibly powerful, inspiring humans.

My obsession with cyclical living and entrepreneurial women with their innate magic started before I can remember.

When I was a kid, I loved creating imaginary businesses. As I grew up, I loved the idea of being my own boss even more, and while the "what" of my vision changed over time the "why" never did.

No matter what I did, I looked to empower women to find freedom within community. I wanted to create a system where I could build up, encourage and inspire as many women as possible. An army of grounded, confident, limitless, rested beings.

and this journey started with a podcast...

The first time I learned about cyclical living, I was listening to a business podcast. Jenna Kutcher was interviewing Claire Baker (my eventual mentor + friend) about the power of our menstrual cycles. She spoke about how we could work within our 28-day cycles, instead of working against them.

I realized i had made so many decisions about my own body with a man in mind. the way i treated myself was wrong.

I had been on hormonal birth control since I was sixteen because I thought it made me cool. I was never taught about other options. Heck, I was never even taught about when I'm ACTUALLY fertile in my monthly cycle. I was terrified of becoming pregnant and that's all I knew about my body. Fear.

After hearing that podcast, a fire was lit in my belly. I was off the pill within a month, I grew out my pubes and I've never felt more incredibly invincible as a woman. I was grounded, powerful and magical.

That's when the lightbulb went off. I knew this cyclical wisdom, this fire in my belly could (should) be passed on.

I freaking adore women. I love creative entrepreneurs, the magic they invent, and the potential they contain. Combining two of my passions is truly the biggest no-brainer of my life. I want to enable women and menstruators alike to tap into their abundance from a centred place.

and now i'm going to scream it from the rooftops.

I'm building a space on the internet for people like you. People who know there's more in the world they want to discover, experience, witness. People who find strength in collaboration and community (even introverts like me need support). People who want to make a difference and have time for themselves. Sincerely, this is a magical place for magical people like you.

Womb love


Where rest and pleasure come first, and abundance follows.

Trees lay dormant throughout winter, animals stretch when they wake, and babies never give up on walking even when they fall thousands of times, yet we live in a world disconnected from nature and view failure as something shameful.

What if we removed the noise around us, focused on our own unique definition of success, and genuinely had fun in our businesses? What if play and creativity came first in the day? What if we could be everything we ever wanted to be all at once?

Our only limitations are ourselves. There can be abundance without burnout and success without sacrificing our personal lives. 


all about


Deep conversation, sparkling wine, hiking in the sun, and helping small businesses grow


not about

"Earning" your rest,
comparison, the patriarchy, tearing others down in order
to succeed.

story time: manifesting my scottish life

The relationship I have developed with my menstrual cycle and, by association, my inner voice & intuition has allowed me to trust myself when the right ideas land. 

As a Projector with ADHD, my brain is constantly jumping from one thing to the next. Over time and many moons of cycle charting, I am now able to decipher the sparks that were meant for me specifically. I bleed on big decisions, I tune into my Wild Woman when I need some bravery, and I allow my mind to percolate unsupervised in other weeks. 

I manifested my Scottish husband, Hector. I can find old notebooks where I described my dream husband and the audacious Pinterest mood board, and they're just him. But I never would have met him if I hadn't listened to the delicate nudges from the Universe and my intuition. Many folks thought I was crazy for moving to Edinburgh, Scotland at the beginning of 2022, and were even more confused when my three-month trip became much more permanent. 

There's nuance to it, but through cyclical living I have learned to trust myself so fully that I can make the necessary changes to unlock the life I have always wanted. And I am continuing to level up monthly with this manifesting mindset. 

What would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn't lose? (hint: you will never lose what's truly meant for you, it's impossible!)

Manifestation is the work you do while you're waiting for the right opportunities to land. It's not passive.

Cycle Coach School 

As an inaugural member of the school in 2020, I have witnessed the growth of this new and very needed industry. I became fully certified in 2022 before continuing on to become Community Manager for the training program, too.

certified menstrual cycle coach


There's learning in the conversations over cacao, the questions asked mid-walk, the podcast episodes that spark a piece of your brain, the mistakes made a few times, the tears and the confusion, the abandoned paths, the resistance to change and the surrender to the flow.

And then there's the more black + white learning done in a classroom, with a book and an exam. It's good to have both.

in hindsight, every experience, random job & interaction has led me to this point.

FEMM Health

My curiosity to understand the female body was insatiable & so in 2023 I was certified to teach women + teenagers the fertility awareness method.

fertility awareness method educator

University of King's College

My absolute love of writing, natural inquisitiveness and need to understand humans on a deeper level... combined into a degree.

bachelor in journalism (honours)

They convinced me I only had a few good years left before I was replaced by a girl younger than me, as though men yield power with age but women grow into irrelevance. They can keep their lies for I have just gotten started.

I feel as though I just left the womb, my twenties are the warm-up for what I'm really about to do. Wait till you see me in my thirties, now that will be a proper introduction to the nasty, wild woman in me. How can I leave before the party's started, rehearsals begin at forty. I ripen with age, I do not come with an expiration date.

And now, for the main event, curtains up at fifty. Let's begin the show.

— rupi kaur

a poem TO LIVE BY


What's in a name?

Learn what Finding Julian means to me (and how I came up with the name in the first place). Pass me the box of tissues...

How to work with me!

We are the authors of our own lives with the ability to edit, rewrite, and begin anew whenever we choose. As a menstrual cycle coach, I hold space to allow you to be surprised & delighted by who you (& your business) may become.


Then let's collaborate on growing your business & grounding your lifestyle. 

I'm here to support you & your goals, encourage you to live more cyclically, and help you iron out any kinks in the plan. I'm your accountability buddy, your biggest fan and your loudest cheerleader.

I'm your favourite menstrual cycle coach, and I'm saying let's GO! (*picture me yelling with pom-poms*)