Connecting through community

This year I'll be crafting a heart-lead collection of events and one-time offerings, just for us to connect and learn together.

Whether this be virtual or in-person, I hope you'll resonate with what I create for this cyclical and creative community here.

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written by suzanne (Thank you!)

"Lauren is a kind and soulful spirit who will open your mind and heart to knowledge you never even knew you needed. The safe and warm space she creates will have you opening your heart to her and a circle of women in ways you might never have considered before meeting her.

She is inspiring and wonderful and will light a fire in you to manifest and achieve what deep down you know you truly want. I'm so happy I took the step forward to attend the workshop. You will not be disappointed!"

A heart-warming testimonial from our last event...

Want to hear about what's coming next?

While there's nothing on the books at the moment, I'm constantly brainstorming new ideas, workshops and courses!

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