Connecting through community

This year I'll be crafting a heart-lead collection of events and one-time offerings, just for us to connect and learn together.

Whether this be virtual or in-person, I hope you'll resonate with what I create for this cyclical, creative and MAGICAL community here. They're called the Mixed Tape series because they're typically one-off type events, collaborations with other creators, or offerings I want to share with people who are new to my community and my work.

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end-of-year wrap party

Remember when you were a kid and your favourite TV station would list the top music videos of the year? Well, we're doing that but with our own accomplishments.

Carve some time out of this busy holiday season for yourself.

This beautiful virtual circle will include a nourishing meditation, time for journaling and reflecting, and plenty of space for being witnessed in your glory (trust me, you're glorious).

Join me Tuesday December 12th at 6:00pm for a 90-minute gathering. Bring your fave notebook and pen, and a yummy bevvy.

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This year is a wrap

Registration for season two of the Den is OPEN, my friend, and there's a limited time offer for you.

The Den is a collaborative group mentoring membership where we explore our expansive nature, find more room for grounded pleasure, and lean into habits that will attract our unique versions of abundance. It's designed for creative entrepreneurs and women who dream of more.

If you sign-up to join the Den (beginning mid-January 2024), then you can attend my end-of-year event for freeeeeeeeeee. It's included in your membership. How cute is that?

Tap the link below to make your first month's payment and I'll send you the link for this special event. I would love to see you in December and January... and every month after. ;)

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there's a bundle situation happening

Referrals from folks who have worked with me before are the best way to get to know me and how I approach the work I do.

Whether they're from my first online course or previous coaching clients, their feedback and reviews mean the world to me. Wow.

Some sincerely heart-warming testimonials from my previous offerings and clients...

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