How I infuse my work with cyclical living

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I’m currently working on my final assessment as a cycle coach. It’s an additional certification I don’t technically need to start practicing, but as soon as I have a goal in mind… well, I need the piece of paper.

As I’m reflecting and writing, I want to share some of my answers. I feel they add another layer to my business, an explanation of how I arrived here and where I’m headed next.

The following answer is to the question, “Summarize your understandings of the Cycle Coach modality and reflect on how it relates to your professional work or vision.”

Here’s what I wrote:

The intention of cycle coaching for me is creating and holding space for women and menstruators to ground themselves in their menstrual cycle, come home to their bodies, and find endless power and potential within their journey. 

To immerse myself in a subject, I need to understand the bigger picture surrounding it. I’m fascinated by the foundation of science this practice offers us. We can layer on as much spirituality and romance as we want as individuals, but the essence or core of cycle coaching is educating women on what’s happening in their physical bodies and guiding them to live in alignment. 

This program has encouraged me to take stock in my own personal practice. I will attract my ideal clients by showing them the different sides of our menstrual cycles, how each day and each cycle varies, and how we can lead our lives with more patience, grace and compassion for ourselves. Any time I show vulnerability, I receive messages from fellow women who feel the same way and it truly inspires me.

My goal has always been to own a business empowering women. It’s been written in my journals for over a decade by now, I’m sure. Since childhood, I’ve known I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I never knew what my business would be until now, until this training program. Cyclical living and cycle coaching has opened my eyes to what my career could actually look like, and I’m very excited by it.

My one-on-one coaching offering will have cycle coaching as a main pillar. It’s our biggest superpower as women and menstruators. For the past year, I’ve had a fire burning in my chest. When I’m aligned with this work, I feel it burn. I honestly think it’s as close to divinity as I can get while on this planet, but when I’m centered and grounded in this work I feel the fire and know I’m in tune with my purpose.

I want to light that fire in other women. 

I know we’re all put on this earth for a reason, and sometimes we can get distracted from our purpose with the day-to-day tasks, motherhood, work, external pulls, etc. I will use cycle coaching to realign women with their goals, with who they want to be when they wake up each morning, and unleash the fire within them. I see old systems, antiquated beliefs and self-limiting thoughts burning…

Beyond the tangible goals I have for my business, I also see myself integrating this work within the structure of my business. I’ve known for a few years now I don’t do well with a 9-to-5 job or a five day work week. I want to work as little as possible, but work efficiently within the hours of my day when I’m most productive. I have zero intention of building a business that will burn me out or make me resent my work. I cannot teach women to live in alignment with their cycle if I’m struggling behind-the-scenes.

Do you resonate with what I wrote?

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Cycle charting is the practice of journaling how you’re feeling mentally, physically and spiritually each day with the hope of discovering monthly patterns in your behaviour and emotions, as dictated by your menstrual cycle.


"The more I dive into this place, the more I find comfort in the uncomfortable, the more I begin to notice the shifts in my mental landscape. How my mind, my body, and my spirit react to these creative endeavours differently week by week..."

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