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Lauren is placing a record on a record player. There is tons of art on the walls around her, and she's wearing double denim while smiling.

We need a soundtrack that encapsulates all of the varying magical, juicy, fiery feelings of each inner season of our menstrual cycles, don’t we?

Whether you’re on the couch bleeding or dancing through the streets while ovulating, I have you covered. These are the playlists I turn to when I feel the need to connect to the season I’m in.

Now, am I trying to curb my emotions to “fit” the season? Absolutely not. Some days I do jump around to different seasons, depending on the sound I want around me!

There are no rules, there’s just good music. Click the images below to access all of my playlists on Spotify.

A woman is curled up in bed with a cup of coffee in a wooden chalet. There's a big window in front of her, showing a snowy forest.
Inner Winter: A playlist for rest, menstruation and dreaming.
Inner Spring: A playlist for play, brightness and excitement for what’s to come.
Inner Summer: A playlist for sensuality, ovulation and feeling like a badass goddess.
Inner Autumn Part 1: A playlist for introspection, isolation and a maybe a little crying.
Inner Autumn Part 2: A playlist for the fiery, angry side of your femininity, and for throwing up the middle finger to world (sometimes it needs to be done).

While you do have the freedom to explore different music throughout your cycle, when you do connect with the season you’re in and the matching playlist… it’s pretty fucking dreamy (if I do say so myself).

Is there a certain song you resonate with during a specific season? Comment below, I’d love to add them!

Happy dancing, my friend.

xo Lauren

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Cycle charting is the practice of journaling how you’re feeling mentally, physically and spiritually each day with the hope of discovering monthly patterns in your behaviour and emotions, as dictated by your menstrual cycle.


"The more I dive into this place, the more I find comfort in the uncomfortable, the more I begin to notice the shifts in my mental landscape. How my mind, my body, and my spirit react to these creative endeavours differently week by week..."

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