Connecting through community

This year I'll be crafting a heart-lead collection of workshops and one-time offerings around cyclical living & small business.

Whether this be virtual or in-person, I hope you'll resonate with what I create for this cyclical, creative and MAGICAL community here. They're called the Mixed Tape series because they're typically one-off type events, collaborations with other creators, or offerings I want to share with people who are new to my community and my work.

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Here at Finding Julian, there's no need for gatekeeping. I periodically host free workshops for my wee community & share them here for future members to enjoy, too!

This is a re-record of a free workshop I hosted back in 2022, covering all the basics of cycle charting.

Here's what you'll learn:
- What our reproductive hormones are doing throughout our entire cycle,
- How to connect with the seasonal framework of cyclical living, and,
- The best way to chart your menstrual cycle and use your observations!

I hosted a live workshop teaching how to use your menstrual cycle to tune into your own inner voice & gain clarity on your unique purpose. 

Here's what we covered:
- Exploring cyclical archetypes & their lessons,
- Tuning into our superpowers & refining our goals, and,
- Unleashing the beast. It's going to be a fun one.

Referrals from folks who have worked with me before are the best way to get to know me and how I approach the work I do.

Whether they're from my first online course or previous coaching clients, their feedback and reviews mean the world to me. Wow.

Some sincerely heart-warming reviews & testimonials from my previous events...

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I'm a certified ideas factory, and I'm constantly brainstorming new offerings, workshops and courses!

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