let's collaborate!

There's nothing I love more than two creative minds working together to make something new.

I find such joy in collaborating with other humans, especially when cyclical living is involved.

I absolutely love public speaking, introducing menstruators to the depths of their bodily magic, and seeing the lightbulb moments only cyclical living can bring about. 

I'm open to writing guest blog posts, hosting live webinars, attending in-person events, speaking at festivals, podcasting, holding women's circles, and everything in between. What were you thinking? 

send me a message

you wanna make something epic, don't you?

I'm here for all of your ideas, sincerely. Send me a message with what's on your mind, and we will see if we can make it work.

Note: For in person events, I am currently living in Scotland. Travel expenses should be taken into consideration, but we can talk it out, too.

let's work together