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Exploring cyclical archetypes

How archetypes can support our menstrual cycles

Within our menstrual cycle, there are four distinct phases with their own unique characteristics and energies. While an easy way to delve into this concept is by using the framework of nature’s seasons, eventually you may want something deeper and more dynamic.

Introducing the archetype: a symbol or universal model representing a certain aspect of personality, identity or pattern of behaviour.

We can use these archetypes to connect with different aspects of our menstrual cycle phases, to explore our psyche and how these unique figures may show up in our own self. It’s another framework to be creative within, something to experiment with as you move through your monthly cycle and life cycle.

The first four archetypes we typically can explore within cyclical living include…

The Crone Archetype

Inhabiting the menstruation phase of our cycle, the Crone embodies inner knowing, wisdom, and intuition. She is a Wise Woman, someone who has lived a full life and inherently knows the answer she’s searching. There’s a sense of moving inward to find the truth, to discover the light.

The Maiden Archetype

For pre-ovulation, we have the Maiden. While she can definitely bring to mind a sense of purity, innocence and eternal youth, within this modality she also inspires thoughts of creativity, playfulness, whimsy and flirtatiousness. She’s ambitious from a place of fearlessness (and maybe not knowing any better).

The Mother Archetype

The Mother can feel a bit obvious, especially in relation to the ovulation phase and our fertility. But here this archetype can extend beyond the literal sense to speak to someone who is selfless, nurturing, extroverted and abundant. We birth more than just children in our lifetimes, and she speaks to this.

The Enchantress Archetype

During the potentially turbulent season of the premenstruum, we have a witchy woman who can ride the wave of the luteal phase. At her core, the Enchantress is a healer, yet her power is often turned inward. She owns her sexuality and her creativity, and doesn’t put up with bullshit. She’s almost aggressively independent, but in a way that feels like a divine homecoming.

Creating your own cyclical archetypes.

There are many pros and cons to the archetypes. Sometimes folks don’t connect with them and therefore feel resistant to playing with them. But you can create, discover and choose your own archetypes for your own unique cycle phases.

Case in point: I hosted a free workshop called Cycle Listening where we played with four other archetypes.

We tuned into the Hermit, the Magical Child, the Queen and the Wild Woman to learn from their wisdom and discover ways to listen to our body’s cues.


Tell me in the comments below: Have you played with the archetypes before? If so, which ones resonate with you the most? Are there any you feel resistant to?

As always, stay playful and explore what feels yummiest to you. You know you best.

xo Lauren

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Cycle charting is the practice of journaling how you’re feeling mentally, physically and spiritually each day with the hope of discovering monthly patterns in your behaviour and emotions, as dictated by your menstrual cycle.


"The more I dive into this place, the more I find comfort in the uncomfortable, the more I begin to notice the shifts in my mental landscape. How my mind, my body, and my spirit react to these creative endeavours differently week by week..."

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