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FAQ: Cyclical Living

A woman is on her phone using the Moon app.

Since the practice of living in sync with your menstrual cycle is so new, I often receive questions from women, menstruators and other humans about if they can adopt this lifestyle too.

The short answer is yes, you can!

When you have a natural menstrual cycle, it’s definitely easier to track what cycle day you’re on and what your daily symptoms are each week.

But that doesn’t mean that the pillars of cyclical living can’t apply to your life! Connecting with your body, prioritizing rest and self-care, and communicating your needs with your partner, family and friends are all incredible things to do!

If you’re taking hormonal birth control, pregnant or breastfeeding, or experiencing perimenopause or menopause, then this work is for you. If you don’t have a natural cycle or even if you’re a man who wants to better understand their partner, then this work is also for you.

Use the Moon as your guide.

Heck, if you’re just a guy who wants to align more with this monthly rest/run cycle, then you would not be the first there either.

So how can you practice cyclical living without a natural or regular cycle? Use the Moon!

The Moon has a 28-day cycle, comparable to the average woman’s menstrual cycle. Download the free Moon app and follow what day it’s on instead of using your own cycle day.

Click here to learn more about using the Moon for your cyclical living practice.

Let me know what you learn about yourself!

xo Lauren

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Cycle charting is the practice of journaling how you’re feeling mentally, physically and spiritually each day with the hope of discovering monthly patterns in your behaviour and emotions, as dictated by your menstrual cycle.


"The more I dive into this place, the more I find comfort in the uncomfortable, the more I begin to notice the shifts in my mental landscape. How my mind, my body, and my spirit react to these creative endeavours differently week by week..."

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